Welcome Developers!

We are looking for talented and committed app developers to work with us to create apps that help millions to enjoy the ZINK hAppy™ experience and the benefits of ZINK Zero Ink® printing!  If you're interested in integrating your existing app or in developing a new app to work with the ZINK hAppy and hAppy+™, click here to learn more about our program or email us at hAppyDeveloper@ZINK.com.

We look forward to creating app hAppy-ness with you!

Featured Partner Apps

ZINK® has been working with a handful of developers in beta mode to hAppy print-enable apps across a variety of categories including photography, cooking, drawing, and utilities. Current partners include:

Developer Testimonials

“The hAppy printer makes all sense in my app! I was excited about the idea of printing my favorite recipes and sticking them to my fridge, and that’s exactly what I did the minute I received the printer and got my app to work with it.” Silvia, allthecooks
 “We wanted to expand how our users could use the photos they created with ToonCamera.  The hAppy printer allows our users to easily create custom prints, and use them in fun ways.  We’re also excited about the opportunity to expand our market reach with ZINK’s cross-promotional efforts, which will allow new users to discover ToonCamera and existing users to discover how well ToonCamera works with ZINK products.” Mike, ToonCamera
“I have been a fan of ZINK since I bought my first POGO in 2009…ZINK is an innovative company, and that was enough for me to know that the hAppy would be amazing and something I would want to be part of. I have wanted a printer similar to the POGO that would work from my iPhone since I got my first iPhone in a few months after getting the POGO.” Stephanie, Capturing Magic
“The happy printer is fantastic. Our apps make cartoons from source photographs and the fully saturated stickers are a big win. Everyone we have shared them with loves them.” Bruce, ToonPaint
“I was excited by the possibility of having a printer that could print the odd-sized photos our app produces. I also like the battery-powered, cord-free, operating capabilities.” Tim, Pocketbooth
“ZINK gives users the technology to bring their digital pictures into their projects which is a main for our Instakeeper Photo app as well. ZINK is easy, seamless, and flexible. Printers and craft machines can be bulky... ZINK is small, sleek and has big functionality while fitting neatly in a very small space.” Molly, Instakeeper


Recent Posts

ZINK Sponsors Developer Week LA Conference + Hackathon

We’re excited to announce our sponsorship at DeveloperWeek LA in Santa Monica this weekend! The event includes a 2-day Hackathon and a full day conference tailored to app developers.