ZINK Big™ App

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ZINK Big™ App

Make large prints from a small printer.

With the ZINK Big™ app, it’s easy to print large prints from a tiny printer. Imagine printing poster sized prints from ZINK™ portable, Zero Ink™, smart-app printers.

ZINK Big is easy. Import your photos from your device’s photo albums, Facebook™, or Instagram™, select the final print size and mode, and press print. The app automatically enlarges your photo and divides it into strips that when joined will create a large print. The app also allows you to select various strip modes for printing. This app is so fun you will use it for all your creative printing and gifting.

The ZINK Big app is only available to download from within the ZINK Design & Print Studio™ app.
Download the ZINK Design & Print Studio app from the app store that’s compatible with the operating system of your tablet and/or smart device
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Requires the ZINK Design & Print Studio™ app to be installed.

  • Creates prints up to 16 x 20”. Create even larger prints by combining sizes.
  • Import photos from your smart device’s photo album, Facebook or Instagram.
  • Multiple strip modes including horizontal, vertical, collage and mosaic.
  • Compatible with ZINK hAppy™ Smart App printers.